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Logins, passwords and ID Cards for Summer Students

As we welcome students to Douglas College for the Summer Semester please do refer them to the resources on the CEIT website to help them get oriented and ready for their studies. The Quick Ref Sheet – is exactly that, a one page card on user ID’s, passwords and pins. Quick Reference Sheet: New Westminster … Continue reading

2013 Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations to all the Douglas College students who graduated in February 2013! To view the recorded ceremonies on 13 & 14 February see below link:

Microsoft Network Login – Students First

A very busy and productive summer for the Microsoft Transition team here in CEIT. Phase 3 – Student and Lab Migration is complete. All students will now use their Microsoft Network credentials with the default username being their nine-digit student number and their password being their birthday (DDMMYY). Students must change this password on first … Continue reading

Wireless Network Survey

CEIT has begun planning for an overhaul of the college Wireless Network (also known as Wi – Fi, wireless LAN or WLAN). At this point, we are asking the college community for their input. Please provide your input by taking a short, but important, survey on the current state and future directions of your Douglas College … Continue reading

Streaming Grad

Once again CEIT will be streaming our graduation ceremonies out to the world on  February 15th and 16th at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM. For more information on the four ceremonies, please go to the Winter 2012 Graduation Student Information Guide on the Douglas College website. The Graduation Ceremonies Video Stream will be live 30 … Continue reading

Picture of the Month

Compatibility Issues with Windows 7 and Lab Software

We have tested software installed in the New Westminster computer labs on the fifth and sixth floor and  in the A building at David Lam. Most of the software installed in these labs is compatible with Windows 7, but some software is not. We ask that you review the DC Windows 7 Compatibility List. If there … Continue reading

U-Pass BC, the Work Behind the Scenes

The college had a successful launch of the U-Pass BC program this fall. More than 90% of students eligible to receive a U-Pass BC card have done so for the month of September. So far, we are seeing comparable numbers for October. But, you may not be aware of all the hard work that went … Continue reading

Improvements to College WiFi

As you may be aware, Douglas College (like many post-secondary institutions) has been struggling somewhat of late to maintain an adequate wireless signal on our campuses. The problem stems from exploding demand for wireless connectivity (from laptops and smartphones) and the insufficient capacity of our network to satisfy this demand. CEIT is currently installing more access points to … Continue reading

Student ID Card Update

Douglas College Student ID Cards have undergone a big change this summer. In preparation for Douglas College joining the U-Pass BC program, we created a new and better ID Card. Our cards now have an updated front graphic which includes a special hologram, and we have added an encoded magnetic stripe on the back which contains the information … Continue reading


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