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Accessing GroupWise Archives inside Outlook

After Microsoft AD Network has been added to your computer, follow these steps to access your Novell GroupWise archives from within Outlook client. Step 1: Create a New Folder in your Cabinet. I called mine, GW ARCHIVES. IMPORTANT: When you are finished creating the new folder, you need to select the folder. Step 2: Choose: … Continue reading

Microsoft Transition – Phase 4

For those following the progress, the Microsoft Transition is currently entering “Phase 4 – Staff Migration”. You may be scratching your collective head wondering, “Staff migration to what, exactly? I thought we were done with all this.” True, we all moved to Microsoft Outlook from Novell GroupWise, but that was just part of the larger … Continue reading

GroupWise Archives

If nothing else, the transition from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook has given me a new perspective on what I thought was critical information. I know that mileage may vary, but I have really only gone back to my archives twice since the transition. This is all beside the point, because you still want and … Continue reading

Sharing in Outlook – Removing Groupwise artifact

Before sharing a contacts or mailbox folder through outlook client  BACKGROUND During Douglas College’s migration from GroupWise to Outlook, some permission artifacts came through unintentionally, for some of the college community. These artifacts should be removed before you share folders.   TO REMOVE UNWANTED PERMISSIONS Before sharing, the Originator and Recipient(s) must remove unwanted people … Continue reading

What happened to the folder you shared with me in GroupWise?

In this GroupWise example, Jamie Michael has shared the email folder  “Generic accounts” with Tim Paul. When GroupWise migrated to Outlook, all sharing was lost. In Outlook, Tim Paul, will see the folder, but it will have only one email inside. The email will inform Tim that he will need to contact the owner, Jamie, and have her re-share the … Continue reading

What about our Email Archives?

The most critical thing to know is that you will have access to your archives. CEIT will migrate your archives over to Outlook during the summer of 2012. Until then… How to access your e-mail archive after the transition to Outlook Your individual GroupWise (GW) archive will migrate over to Outlook during the summer. 1. … Continue reading

Pre-Migration to Outlook: Make sure your GW Mailbox isn’t left behind

To successfully transition your GroupWise Mailbox to Microsoft Outlook, your GroupWise Mailbox must be in the default location. Your GroupWise Mailbox must be on the same structural level as Cabinet and Calendar: One branch off of the left most line.If your Mailbox is inside another folder it will not migrate to Microsoft Outlook. (The No … Continue reading

Using WebGW with Internet Explorer 9

Windows 7 and Vista users have the option of stepping up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Although most people are quite happy with the features that come with this new version, it is not entirely compatible with our current version of WebGW. You can try to use one of the following workarounds: (a) Use the “Simple interface” … Continue reading


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