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Improvements to College WiFi

As you may be aware, Douglas College (like many post-secondary institutions) has been struggling somewhat of late to maintain an adequate wireless signal on our campuses. The problem stems from exploding demand for wireless connectivity (from laptops and smartphones) and the insufficient capacity of our network to satisfy this demand. CEIT is currently installing more access points to … Continue reading

Student ID Card Update

Douglas College Student ID Cards have undergone a big change this summer. In preparation for Douglas College joining the U-Pass BC program, we created a new and better ID Card. Our cards now have an updated front graphic which includes a special hologram, and we have added an encoded magnetic stripe on the back which contains the information … Continue reading

Blackboard 9.1

Douglas College is testing the Blackboard’s 9.1  learning management system with the help of some adventurous, trailblazing faculty members. To support them in this pilot project, we sent Arne, one of our Blackboard team members, to the Blackboard World 2011 conference in Las Vegas.   “I was extremely excited to be there to learn and exchange information and knowledge with institutions from around … Continue reading

Education, Bill C-32 and Access Copyright Tariff

Careful, this link may cost you. According to Professor Sam Trosow of the University of Western Ontario there are contradictions with the Access Copyright Tariff and Canadian copyright law. Watch his lecture on the topic.  To learn more, visit the Access Copyright Tariff Web page and read the original statement of royalties published on the Canada … Continue reading

Unique to Douglas College: The Room Technology List

Have you used the CEIT  Room Technology List lately? The Room Technology List was invented to allow employees to view the educational technology installed in classrooms online. A pop-up window lists the technology in the room on the left, with instructions on how to use it listed down the right. Although the list has been available for a few years,  … Continue reading


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